leveling up

The alternate title for this blog post:

what this ‘rebrand’ means to me.

Amidst COVID-19, we’re living with a lot of uncertainty, monotony, simplicity, and… boredom. I’ve noticed my own motivation to complete assignments or work commitments dwindling. However, I’ve noticed a fire in my belly when I’m discussing my own content creation, website, and sharing #allthethings with my little community on Instagram and beyond.

When I get to create and share, I feel joy.

When someone tells me that I am sharing something meaningful, I feel overjoyed.

There’s something so special about using my voice — using my platforms — using my own life to allow others to feel okay in what their experiencing. Burnout? Been there. Heartbreak? Felt it. Happiness? Yeah girl. Wanderlust? Every day. Loneliness? Me too. Empowerment? Let’s share. A good deal? Add to cart. Need a smile? Here’s me making a fool of myself on the internet.

I don’t really know what I’m doing — for someone with degrees in Communication Studies & Advertising, working on my M.A. in the same disciplines, I still have SO MUCH TO LEARN. I love soaking up inspiration and education from other amazing women, creatives, entrepreneurs, bloggers, content creators, communicators, strategists… you name it! I do so in hopes of bettering myself and continuing to evolve.

It’s been four years of blogging and almost 3 years of intentional content creation on Instagram. My life, and who I am, has changed greatly since I began.

I’m so happy and blessed that I can share my stories and make other women feel a little more joy. a little more understood. a little more inspired. a little more educated. a little more empowered. a little more excited. a little more passionate. a little bit more belly laughter. (maybe a few more packages arriving after their online shopping, too.)

This is my therapy, my hobby, my passion, my favorite thing to do (throw in a dance party and a glass of moscato and I’m really set.)

It’s constantly changing and shaping itself along the way. I’m so excited.

I’m leveling up — this little website refresh/rebrand/update is just the start.


website branding photos: Erica Lynn Photography

website and graphic design: me!