looking beyond fear…

IMG_6900In my previous post I talked about my sense of adventure being overrun by fear. This week, it took all of my strength to not hyperventilate while the car I was in was weaving in and among the traffic of Minneapolis. Big cities are not my thing. Traffic sends my brain into overdrive and my heart doesn’t stop racing: it’s all just scary to me. I can’t fight it, though I try to maintain my composure.

However, last night, as I cuddled under my covers to fall asleep in my hotel room, I rolled over.

Out the window, not artistically captured with my iPhone camera in the photo above, was the view. From the twelfth floor, I could see sparkling lights of many colors stretching across the city.

It was beautiful.

Light is so powerful, delicately intertwined with positivity, and I couldn’t help but feel more secure knowing that the lights down there were still shining all the way up to my window.

Life is scary, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be beautiful.


my penthouse suite! (not the best view during the day, but hey!)


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