harsh words & strong foundations

Isn’t it crazy how a few words from someone else can completely shift your perspective on anything – even yourself? A few simple words. I’m always surprised.

I’m a pretty confident person; I like to think I’m pretty thick-skinned and not a lot of stuff gets to me. I’m also horrible at knowing what to say to compliments. I always end up making some sort of bad joke and attempting to laugh it off. Reversely, however, laughing doesn’t make those few simple harsh words go away, or hurt any less, or stop the overthinking in my brain.

Those thoughts of “I’m not good enough, thin enough, pretty enough, funny enough, cool enough,” really, truly suck. The only person I have to be “good enough” for is myself. I know that. I know how fabulous I am. I say it nearly every day… but it’s always followed by a laugh and a smile.

It’s the words that don’t cause a laugh or smile that cycle in my brain on repeat, tearing me down.

I’m confident. Maybe not today. Maybe not because of that something that one guy or that one girl said.

But maybe, just maybe, this moment of self-doubt will help me to be more confident than I was yesterday, or the day before that. Maybe those harsh words tore me down so that I can build a stronger foundation.





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